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Kanchanaburi is capital for kanchanaburi province and located 130km to the west of Bangkok or just 2 hour drive away.This province boasts some of the country's most beautiful waterfalls and caves in its national parks, as well as the historis bridge over River Kwai and exciting activities like rafting trips. This is the place if u want to explore the Thai countryside without travelling too far from Bangkok.


1. BY BUS - Use Bus line 81 (BKS public bus), which depart from Southern Bus Terminal at Phutthamonthon Soi 1 in northern Thonburi. In Kanchanaburi have two seperated bus station, with 1st class buses departing from an office off Thanon Saengchuto, and 2nd class buses from the larger terminal one block east. The bus leave bangkok around 15 - 30 minutes and will take around 2 hours journey. U also can get minibus from Khao San Road. The buses also depart from Bangkok Bus Terminal on Kamphaeng Phet II Road to Kanchanaburi.

2. BY CAR - Kanchanaburi about 2 - 3 drive hour, follow Highway 4 heading west of Bangkok, then shortly after Nakhon Pathom take right to Highway 323 which heading to Kanchanaburi.
3. BY TRAIN - Train leave from Hua Lamphong Station (Southern Lines) daily on 3 hour journey to Kanchanaburi. The other way u also can get train at Thonburi Train Station (depart 7.45 am and 13.45pm). If u from Khao San area just take passengger boat at Banglamphu pier and connect to a cross river pier that reaches the railway pier and from there just walk or take minibus to Thonburi Train Station. You may be can buying a ticket all the way to the River Kwai Bridge, since these two trains are the only ones which cross the bridge each day. The fare is 100 baht.


U can take Songthaews (small orange and large yellow (converted pickups)) to cruise up and down Saengchuto, connecting bus station, train station and the bridge, and charge a standard 5 baht. Motorbike taxis and tuk-tuks are also available, with negotiable prices, and some guesthouses offer bicycle rental.

1. Bridge over The River Kwai - situated just to north of the town, this bridge was made famous by the 1957 film "Bridge over the River Kwai". This bridge also known as "Death Railway" and constructed during world war II which connected Thailand and Myanmar (Burma).

2. JEATH War Museum - it refer to Japan, England, America, Australia, Thailand and Holland which involved in building the railway. This museum located to the south of town centre next to Wat Chaichumphon. Open from 8.30 am to 6 pm.

3. World War II Museum - This museum located just south of the bridge, it contains war memorabilia in the form of bomb shell, photos etc.

4. Kanchanaburi War Cemetery - 7000 Allied prisoners are buried here.

5. Ban Kao National Museum - located 8km from Prasat Mueang Sing and 35km from kanchanaburi town. this museum constructed beside a Neolithic burial site discovered by allied prisoner during construction of Death Railway.

6. Erawan National Park - located 65km or 1.5 hour drive to northwest of Kanchanaburi town. This national park also most visited natinal park in Thailand. Erawan watefall here is one of the most baeutiful waterfall in Thailand. U can go here with Public Buses (no. 8170) but must take early bus. Foreigner may be pay for 400baht for entrance.

7. Bo Phloi - Located 40km to the north of Kanchanaburi, this village has a Jewellery Handicraft Centre, where blue sapphires mined locally are fashioned into beautiful rings and pendants.

8. Rail journey to the waterfall - one of the best way to see the countryside around town is to take 2 hours journey by train from Kanchanaburi to waterfall which operates 3 times a day. The train stops regularly at attractive village station so can view the beautiful scenery.

9. Mon Bridge - also known as "Uttamanuson Bridge", this bridge linking Sangkhla Buri and Mon villages, 850 metre long wooden bridge across Songkaria river is a famous viewpoint overlooking the merging point of the three river (Songkaria, Bikhli and Ranti).

10. Tiger Temple - located in Saiyok District of Kanchanaburi Province. u can Do a tour to the Tiger Temple, where you can pat tigers and play with monkeys at an animal rehabilitation centre run by a group of Buddhist monks.


1. Cheap Food u can get at market infront of the train station.

2. Apple guesthouse here also have good food for middle ranga price, Kaeng Matsaman (Muslim style curry) very rich flavour.

3. Floating restaurant just located right next to River Kwai also have nice menu and good price.

4. For Backpackers also can try at Jolyfrog Backpacker restaurant at 28, Soi China.


1. A shop called Rojjana, here The most popular Tamarind candy, Thai dessert and chilli sauce in Thai style.

2. For Jewellery the best place at Bo Phloi village.

3. Next to car park at River Kwai Bridge also located souvenir market where sells local souvenirs like food,beverage and jewelly .


2. Joly Frog Backpackers

3. Poly Guesthouse

4. V.N. guesthouse


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